Why Financial Planning in 2021 is Essential

With a new year comes new priorities, objectives and circumstances.

Whilst 2020 taught us the value of planning for uncertainty and understanding the value of a slow but steady recovery, 2021 is undoubtedly going to be the year of prioritising a solid financial plan.

Many people will have certain milestones they are still aiming for, and financial goals they want to reach, but often, there isn’t a definite intention or plan on how to get there.

If there’s one piece of advice I’d wish for anyone reading to carry with them into the new year, it’s that the old saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ is also applicable to your financial future!

It doesn’t have to be daunting, however, as there are a few simple ways you can start looking to get your financial future mapped out in 2021.

Here are some things to consider regarding financial planning in 2021:

1) What are your financial objectives?

If you’re seeking financial advice for the first time, one of the most important aspects to consider is what your financial objectives are.

This will be different for everyone, and can range from early retirement to planning small business growth, which is why one of the first things a financial adviser will discuss with you are your circumstances and objectives.

That way, your plan will be adequately tailored to your objectives and can be adjusted to match your circumstances.

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2) Are you being consistent?

Once you’ve moved into the initial stages of financial planning, it can be easy to leave things as they are and avoid what many people see as a stressful topic.

However, having regular review meetings with your financial adviser could actually give you the peace of mind you need!

Review meetings are a great time to adapt to changing circumstances, which are likely to be a continued theme into 2021, and allows the opportunity to ensure that your plan is on track.

Being able to ask any questions you might have is also one of the benefits of a review meeting, rather than worrying about your finances and not receiving any advice.

3) Are you taking it step-by-step?

From the initial consultation, strategy and planning stages, all the way up until the review and launch – financial planning is a process that requires time.

Though it can seem tedious or slow at times, financial solutions need time to grow before you see any payoff or results.

Trusting in your financial adviser and the process means that over time, you can reap the rewards of your financial plan and reach the ambitions you discussed in your initial consultation!

Wherever you may be in your financial journey in 2021, financial planning can make the difference when trying to reach your future ambitions and have a sense of financial security.

I hope that 2021 gives you the opportunity to prioritise your financial future, and if you’d like to have a chat about financial planning, please send me a message and I’d be happy to help.